About Us

Our Story...

Back in late 2013 and early 2014 when the desktop 3D printing materials industry was really starting to take off in the United Stated and around the world, with new and unique 3D printing materials and opportunities popping up every day, the few of us here in Canada who actually had a desktop 3D printer couldn't help but feel a little bit left out... so many exciting and inspiring stories heard in the news and social media channels, but how could one get their hands on something like a high strength nylon or a flexible filament for example?

If you had some extra cash laying around, then sure, you could import it from the US or Europe, pay the outrages shipping fees, taxes, duties and brokerage fees and vuala, you got yourself one expensive roll of filament to play around with... while the rest of us had to be content with the one roll of PLA or ABS plastic we received when we bought our 3D printer.

Seeing the opportunity to fill the need for a reliable CANADIAN 3D printer filament source, and after a quick domain name availability search... "Filaments.ca" was born. Partnering up with a chemicals and plastic manufacturer as an online retail store for 3D printing materials.

The goal of Filaments.ca from the beginning, was to be a truly Canadian source for all your 3D printing materials needs where products are actually stored and shipped from Canada, this means you will get your product in the quickest possible way for the lowest possible price!

Filaments.ca is truly a unique concept since we are both a manufacturer and a retailer; We manufacture several lines of materials under our own label and we also import popular specialty materials from all over the world in order to give Canadians quick and cost effective access to materials manufactured outside of Canada, making us the leading distributor of 3D printing materials in Canada.

Quality Commitment:

At Filaments.ca, we are committed to comply with customer quality requirements as well as regulatory requirements. We strive to continually improve our products and the effectiveness of our quality system by following high quality external & internal standards.

Our approved supplier list includes both local and international suppliers and all our incoming and outgoing shipments go through rigorous quality inspections to ensure all materials conform to our and our customers' requirements.

Our "Filaments.ca" brand of filament is a custom manufactured filament based on our specific set of requirements. Quality inspections and testing are built directly into the manufacturing process. We follow an international quality standard to ensure all our products meet requirements and expectations.

Products sold through our online store are sold directly by Filaments.ca (no middleman), and shipped from our warehouse. We observe a strict FIFO (First In First Out) storage & warehousing system to ensure you always get materials that are fresh.

So what does "Quality" really means?

  1. It means we manufacture filaments only from 100% virgin raw materials. We only use clean, non-scrap raw materials from global suppliers.
  2. It means our raw material is dry treated before manufacturing.
  3. It means there are quality inspection points throughout the manufacturing process.
  4. It means we do not compromise on color dye/pigment; RohS certified, fully saturated colors aligned with the RAL and/or Pantone color standards.
  5. It means consistent high precision extrusion with +/-0.05mm diameter tolerance & +/-0.01mm ovality tolerance. Laser controlled extrusion measures the diameter multiple times per second.
  6. It means finished products are tested with a wide range of 3D printers. 
  7. It means finished filaments are plastic wrapped, vacuum packed, & include a large desiccant.

So how come prices are so low?

  1. When it comes to our own products, we are not re-sellers or any other "middleman".
  2. We are not a printer manufacturer, we focus all our resources strictly on filaments and 3D printing materials.
  3. We come from a plastics & chemicals manufacturing background, meaning we have existing supplier relationships & purchase raw materials in bulk quantities (super sacks).
  4. We do not have any traditional urban retail locations & therefore do not have any of the associated costs.
  5. We have to stay competitive price-wise. We do not know how good the quality of other suppliers is, but we do know how much they charge for their products.

Customer Service Commitment:

Customer service, customer satisfaction and meeting customer expectations is one of our main quality management system objectives! We strive to achieve this goal through our commitment to the quality of our products and the requirements of our customers.

The staff chosen to work at and be part of Filaments.ca are first and foremost customer service minded individuals. We believe that our reputation as an honest, just and understanding company is more valuable than any marketing campaign.

We understand that even though we try our best to produce and sell quality products, and despite utilizing the latest international quality standards and technologies, there is always opportunity for continual improvement. The times when a customer might receive a less than perfect product, due to whatever the reason may be, is when our customer service commitment really comes to light!

So our commitment to you is this:

  • We will always make ourselves available to you in order to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • We will work with you to investigate any unsatisfactory issues and do our very best to reach a mutually agreed on resolution in a timely matter.
  • We will never give you the "run around", ignore your communication or make any intentionally false statements in order to "brush you off".
  • We will not use your customer service request as an opportunity to sell you any unneeded or unrelated products.
  • We will never use, intentionally record or sell any of the information (personal or other) from a customer service request interaction.

Thank you for being a Filaments.ca customer.