3D Gloop! - ABS GLOOP - Adhesive for 3D Prints

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3D Gloop! Canada

ABS Gloop! (Please Select Size Above) 

Think printing ABS on a 60C bed is impossible? Think again.

Have you all but given up on printing with ABS? ABS Gloop is specially formulated to provide the best bed adhesion on the market for ABS FDM printers. Using ABS Gloop gives you the best chance of successful first layers, with little to no warp and curl throughout the print. This product can even be used to print ABS on build plates as low as 60C. ABS Gloops is designed to work on glass, AND mirror surfaces.

NOTE!: our 75ml bottles of Gloop! come with what is called an “Angled Reach” brush top. The brush is bent at a 45ish-degree angle. This is NORMAL and your product is NOT defective. Straight brushes are not able to reach the bottom of the bottle and thus, product would be wasted if the brush was not angled.

3D Gloop! is not recommended for use on Prusa style PEI coat build platforms. Most PEI sheets are compatible with 3D Gloop! but it is strongly recommended to test interactions in a small area or corner of your build platform with your specific printer. DO NOT use 3D Gloop! on any textured print surface as it will likely permanently fuse to it.