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At Filaments.ca we understand the impact 3D printing is having on the environment which will only grow in the years to come. As such, our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped to recycle 3D printing scraps and filaments, including materials that are hard to recycle or that are not accepted by municipal recycling services such as PLA. We encourage all our 3D printing users to bring us back any unused, unwanted, leftovers and scrap 3D printing materials.

Certificate of Destruction and Recycling is available upon request for organizations needing to comply with ISO standard such and Environmental and Quality Management Systems.

What scraps do we accept for recycling?

  • Failed prints, support materials, purging, unwanted completed prints of any size, any other plastic waste generated by your 3D printing operation.
  • Prototyping models of any size. (We can safely and discreetly destroy prototype prints and provide confirmation of destruction when required.)
  • Empty or partially used Plastic spools / cardboard spools, of any size.

What materials do we accept for recycling?

  • We accept all commonly used 3D printing materials such as PLA, PETG, & ABS.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that you must carefully separate and label the materials before sending it to us. We cannot accept mixed materials. Colours do not need to be separated. Please ensure all scrap materials are clean and free of any debris or foreign objects.

Do we offer any credit for scraps?

  • The process of recycling plastic from 3D printing scraps is very labor intensive, time consuming and is significantly more costly than processing virgin material. Therefore we currently cannot offer further incentives.
  • If you have larger amounts of scraps (50KG or more) we can offer a free pre-paid return label to ship your material back to us free of charge.

How to use our 3D printing scraps recycling service?

  • Our service is currently free of charge for individuals, businesses and any educational or government/military institutions. (Excluding special requests such as Certificate of Destruction and Recycling)
  • Simply ship to or drop off your materials to our Mississauga, Ontario location listed below. Scraps must be separated by Material type, clearly labeled and be clean and free of any debris or foreign objects. Colours can be mixed and do not need to be separated.
  • If you have 50KG or more of accumulated scrap material, we can provide a pre-paid shipping label free of charge. Simply contact us with your shipment/box size, weight and address.

Our scrap material drop off / ship to address:

  • Filaments.ca Recycling
    7195 Tranmere Dr. Unit 3
    Mississauga, ON L5S 1N4
    Phone: 905-819-5377
  • We can receive shipment from all/any carrier including LTL/Skid shipments.