Quality Commitment

At Filaments.ca, we are committed to comply with customer quality requirements as well as regulatory requirements. We strive to continually improve our products and the effectiveness of our quality system by following high quality external & internal standards.

This quality commitment applies to and is in effect strictly to products manufactured by Filaments.ca. It does not apply to products from other manufacturers that we sell as well (such as Taulman3D, NinjaFlex etc.); we are their authorized distributor and have no control of their manufacturing practices.

So what does "100% Premium Quality" really means?

  1. It means we manufacture filaments only from 100% virgin raw materials. We only use clean, non-scrap raw materials from global suppliers.
  2. It means our raw material is dry treated before manufacturing.
  3. It means there are quality inspection points throughout the manufacturing process.
  4. It means we do not compromise on color dye/pigment; RohS certified, fully saturated colors aligned with the RAL color standard.
  5. It means consistent high precision extrusion with +/-0.05mm diameter tolerance & +/-0.01mm ovality tolerance. Laser controlled extrusion measures the diameter multiple times per second.
  6. It means finished products are tested with a wide range of 3D printers. 
  7. It means finished filaments are plastic wrapped, vacuum packed, & include a large desiccant.

So how come prices are so low?

  1. When it comes to our own products, we are not re-sellers, distributors or any other "middleman".
  2. We are not a printer manufacturer, we focus all our resources strictly on filaments and 3D printing materials.
  3. We come from a plastics & chemicals manufacturing background, meaning we have existing supplier relationships & purchase raw materials in bulk quantities (super sacks).
  4. We do not have any traditional retail locations & therefore do not have any of the associated costs.
  5. We have to stay competitive price-wise. We do not know how good the quality of other suppliers is, but we do know how much they charge for their products.