PVA 3D Printer Filament

PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) filament is a water soluble material mainly used to print support material.

It adheres well to PLA and ABS and dissolves in hot water in a number of hours, leaving behind exceptionally clean overhangs. It will extrude well through a standard extruder and tends to ooze badly. It sticks well to painters tape, and less well to PET. We recommend putting a few strips of painters tape down and printing with 2-3 layers of raft if you're using PVA as a support material.

Since PVA filament dissolves in water it may not suitable for most parts. The filament must be stored with a drying agent, since it will absorb moisture out of the air.

  • Great for interior cavities and intricate parts that make removing support by hand difficult.
  • Leaves no residue on the bottom surface of the part.
  • Is mildly flexible at room temperature, making support material removal a bit easier.
  • Can print with embedded fibers and then dissolved, making it an interesting material for 3D printed tissue scaffolds.
  • Sticks well to blue painters tape.

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